You Are Not Broken

There is nothing wrong with you. Depression is a natural condition and it can be every bit as intimidating and as crippling as a physical injury. A broken arm can be repaired and when allowed to heal it will return to its full strength. The common use of a cast to the injured limb is easily accepted as a practical and trusted method of treatment and patience is willingly granted by family, friends and coworkers as the wound recovers.

Depression and its trusted treatments will one day be as widely accepted as our more visible injuries and remedies are today. Depression, a condition of the mind and the brain, has become the new frontier of medicine. The mysteries of the mind are finally being revealed and a new horizon of hope has appeared.

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or dTMS, is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of depression because it transcends the use of antidepressant medications and encourages the body to repair itself.

How does this work? dTMS is a non-invasive procedure which utilizes magnetic fields to stimulate the brain where the symptoms of depression are generated. In other words, dTMS treats depression where it originates and encourages the brain to heal.

dTMS seeks to cure depression through magnetic stimulation of the brain itself. The standard treatment requires commitment, a full treatment requires daily, twenty-minute sessions for six weeks but there is no hospitalization, no medication and no physical limitations. The process is comfortable and simple. You will be greeted with kindness and respect by passionate doctors and staff. The procedure is quiet and comfortable. You will be seated and a cap will be placed upon your head and the graceful technicians will gently guide the magnetic impulses through the corridors of the mind until they reach the location where depression begins.

The treatment uses magnetic impulses to stimulate connections within the mind where the symptoms of depression originate. It is a mild treatment and generally painless although some patients have reported slight headaches in the immediate period after a session. Depression is real. It can be crippling, painful and frustrating. All too often depression creates feelings of hopelessness. dTMS is a solution. It is an option. A ray of light in an all too often dark world. dTMS may not be exactly what you are looking for but it might just be exactly what you need.

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