Bone Saws to Brain Scans

Breakaway PTSD

The mind is the final frontier of medicine. In the American Civil War wounds were treated as they appeared; stop the bleeding, remove the damaged limb, cross your fingers and do your best with the pain.

During World War I combat medicine advanced to the cellular level, as disease and sanitation were better understood. Today, in the wake of our most recent wars, medical science is advancing once again, this time into the region of the mind. Concussions, depression, addiction and much more are being explored and new discoveries are opening broad doors to the future.

Combat and the peripheral burdens of war such as pressure from the Home Front, the stress of deployment, and the pressing danger of service amidst the constant necessity to maintain a normal life can reach levels where the soldier becomes affected. At times this pressure manifests itself into serious health concerns.

In World War I this was called Shell Shock, in the Second World War it became known as Combat Fatigue. The Vietnam War affected our Veterans to such a degree the condition finally achieved a clinical designation, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, better known as PTSD. Identifying the condition is the first step to curing the condition and much has been learned about PTSD over the recent decades. Each person has a different experience with PTSD although many share common symptoms such as nightmares, emotional numbness, intrusive thoughts and extreme alertness. Many Veterans believe PTSD is part of their service, a burden they must endure.

This is not true, PTSD is not a burden that must be endured but a condition that can be treated and cured.

A revolutionary treatment for PTSD and related depression is now available and approved by the FDA. It is called Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and it is a non-invasive, nonmedicinal treatment for depression and PTSD. TMS is also covered by TRICARE as a treatment for depression. dTMS stimulates the brain through magnetic impulses and this allows the mind to heal from within, to address and repair the inner connections of the brain through magnetic stimulation.

dTMS is modern medicine. It stands upon the shoulders of those who have gone before as it  bravely navigates medicine’s most mysterious frontier. The call to serve is answered by a small few, it is an exclusive tribe. PTSD and its related depression are familiar burdens but they do not need to be permanent, a solution exists and hope is possible. Please contact Breakaway now to learn more.

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